"no 80 conductor cable installed"

I go this message when I tried to to install a 2.5" travelstar drive in my desktop. The cable I have works fine with older 2.5" drives, the cable is a 40 wire cable with 4 extra wires linked to a power connector.

I have tried turning off the UDMA in the bios of my K7VZA motherboard, and have set the disk drive to various lower levels of UDMA using a utility I found at www.ibm.com/harddrive (there are some excellent disk utilities there) all to no avail.

The most straightforward solution would be to purchase a new 80 pin cable with the requisite power wires, but I can not find one. There is a connector in the recent THG article on setting up 2.5" drives in a raid 0 configuration that would probably help, but I can find no part number or description for this.

Can anyone make some suggestions?
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  1. You can ignore that message if you don't care about not achieving optimal performance (ATA66 or better) with your drive. It's just a warning, doesn't mean the system is unstable or anything. If you want to take advantage of higher UDMA levels, you need the 80 conductor cable.

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