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I have a disk which is partitioned into 3 = 1 is just the mft files no drive allocated, c: is my operating system and d: was the operating system. I need to change C: to boot now rather than my d:. When i start up, I have to press f1 to get started and 2 win 7 shows up. I have to move the arrow down to select the second to boot up, how do I change it, please could you help
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  1. So C: and D: are the operating system? Any hints about that?
  2. Sounds like you could use a bootloader manager utility.

    EasyBCD is the one I use. It's free and pretty easy to use to change boot order of your partitions.
    (look toward the bottom, under the 2nd Buy Now blue button for the free download option for non-commercial use)
  3. yes d: was my operating system, need to change it not to be an operating system, or to set c: (which was d:) to start up
  4. Thanks for your help. much appreciated
  5. Let us know how it works out for you.
  6. how can I change the boot loader on D: if it is possible - thanks it is working but I still have to press f1 to boot to that menu where I have to press on the 2 windows 7 load up, now the 1st one is enter
  7. Do you have the Windows 7 installation DVD?
  8. Had you already tried the Repair option?
  9. yes, but it wont boot properly then and keeps throwing the blue screen
  10. How much trouble would it be for you to just start over with a custom installation, do away with the extra partitions, use just 1 and start over installing Windows 7?
  11. yes would love that, cause I dont care for the split anyway
  12. I'm still having a hard time visualizing how your single hard disk is setup.
    I understand about C: and D: being bootable.

    How about more details about this mystery 3rd partition?
  13. ok it is allocated 19.3gb healthy partition in disk management - it says it is the primary partition
  14. When you look at the single hard disk (Disk 0) with the Win7 Disk Management utility program - what are you seeing for each partition?

  15. so it is disk 0 = 19.53gb healthy (primary partion) then (D:) 72.69 gb NTFS Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition) then (C:) 205.87 gb NTFS Healthy (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump Logical Drive
  16. yip this is it
  17. thanks for all the help
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