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Hi all, probably like 3 weeks ago I have been getting ping spikes in the video game I play called League of Legends. Basically if I am in a team fight i.e. fighting a lot of people at the same time, my ping shoots up and I cannot move for like 10-15 seconds. This even happens when their are no background programs running. Please Help!
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  1. Are you attached wireless or wired? If wireless check your signal strength and interference with inSSIDer and perhaps change your radio channels.
  2. Hi, yes it's wired, I downloaded the program but I don't know how to check for signal strength, interference or how to change the radio station.
  3. If it is wired, you don't need that program -- that is for wireless signals and runs off Windows to detect signals using your wireless card. If you are wired, check your connection, cables, and devices -- the other possibility is that your provider has issues. Use to check it out when your lag goes up.
  4. Oh crap I meant wireless, sorry
  5. LOL, okay that makes more sense and is easier to fix than a wired issue. Download inSSIDer from here:

    Install it and run it like any Windows program and the pages show all the wireless signals and strengths that your computer can find. Anything on 2.4GHz (I assume you are not on 5GHz) like other networks, wireless phones, wireless speakers and headphones, etc. can affect your reception. You may be able to change to a better channel if the problem is other network signals on the same radio frequency -- an easy change in your router wireless configuration. Other issues can be the location of the computer relative to the AP broadcasting. The fastest way to kill a good connection is to turn on a microwave oven nearby as it also creates interference in the 2.4GHz range.
  6. Haha, alright thanks. I changed the channel to 8, i'll tell you if it worked! Thanks.
  7. It works! TYSM!
  8. Good, now you can spend lots of time gaming and get nothing accomplished like me since Diablo 3 arrived. :)
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