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Whats the difference between Creative Inspire 5.1 5700 & Creative DTT3500 speakers?

Does anyone have any of these & what do u think of them, or what do u recomend for under £200.00?

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. i belive the dtt3500 has a digital input whereas the 5700 is the normal analog signal.
  2. Isn't the 5700 newer & more expensive than the DTT 3500?
  3. never heard the DTT3500 but its meant as a pc theatre setup.

    The 5700 is meant for el-cheapo gaming, and they sound like someone put a newbie with an electric guitar in a big tin can with a low quality amp and turned the lights out.

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  4. LOL Any sugestions?
    I've a audigy, use it for mainly gaming with some music & movies
  5. How exactly does it sound when somebody turns out the lights? :tongue:

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  6. Go read all the reviews at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> and pick one in your pricerange that has the features you want and they say has decent sound. In all honesty, if you have a lower limit on spending, i'd grab the Z-560's. Used with powerdvd you can get great sound for movies music and gaming. The base can be a bit much but the audigy has superior base controll to tame it right on down. For gaming, its my favorite. For music its in the middle as far as speakers go, but thats still quite nice sound. If you have a higher budget, try Klipsh 5.1 setup, its true 5.1 and does have a little better quality sound and smoother base. Yes, smooth base is a good thing. If you really cant spend much money at all. Then, i'd take a look at Altec Lansings lower end 4.1 sets. At a local CompUSA if you have one or a Fry's maybe you should be able to demo most of those setups. If they dont have em hooked up to a pc though, then the sound wont be very simulative(wow, i created a new word) of what it really sounds like.

    Fatburger, when they turn the lights out the newbie cant even find the right chords. So, in other words, the noise that comes out of 5700's is nothing like what its supposed to sound like.

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