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Hey I am trying to boot Win7 from my USB drive on my new SSD and I'm having a problem with it. It is loading Windows, but it loads the Setup screen and never loads the actual Setup itself. It's just my mouse, and it's not frozen. I have installed this Windows from the exact USB several times before, but not on this actual AMD chipset system. My computer is recognizing the new SSD as well, when I select boot order it shows up.

Does anybody know what gives? Is there special drivers, possibly, that I have to include on the USB now that I'm on an AMD chipset Mobo? Any help is a appreciated.

Here's an image of the exact screen I'm getting stuck on

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  1. I waited a long time for it to show up but assumed if it didn't show up within a few minutes then something is wrong and reset. I heard from some people that it possibly takes a really long time to initialize. Like I said, I'm installing it on a new SSD, but I'm going to try to wait it out for a while and see if I didn't wait long enough for it.
  2. I don't know what is wrong, but maybe you can get some ideas yourself from reading this.

    Which motherboard and SSD are you using?
    Find actual feedback whether the mix is good or bad. I had to find a driver for my SSD to make it recognize it properly, but you're not really getting far enough in the setup to make use of it as far as I can see.

    Double-check that your USB key isn't corrupt in any way, try another method of installation and you'll have narrowed your problem down a lot.

    I can confirm what you said about some people having to wait a long time, I read about this while I was preparing to reinstall to my current setup.
  3. Heyy, I feel like an ass for asking that question now but I found out that I indeed didn't wait long enough for the Setup to start. It took a really long time (like 4-8min) so I assumed that something was wrong because I was using my SSD and I figured things would be quick with this system. I think my SATA drivers might be bad or outdated maybe, causing that. Either way, sorry if I wasted anyone's time, hopefully someone might have the same problem and this could help them narrow down the process quickly. So, this issue is confirmed solved!

    Thanks for the help!
  4. The limiting factor when booting up the installation is not your SSD, it is most likely the USB connection. You have to consider that all the data needed for the installation is on the slow drive. In other words you don't have to be disappointed with your SSD ;)

    This is something you need to keep in mind when buying hardware as well. When buying a computer it won't matter that you buy a state of the art computer if one of the critical components are very outdated.
  5. Got ya, thank you for clearing that up.
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