Windows 7 ISO disk bad?

Is anyone familiar with downloading W7 64 bit from the Microsoft store? I purchased W7 pro. I do not have a DVD burner at home so I asked a friend to burn it for me on DVD. It will not load. The cables,BIOS drive are good as I have run ISO of Memtest and I tested to see if in fact XP would load and it will. Is it just a bad burn or is there something special that needs to be done when burning that my friend did not do?
Help would be appreciated.

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  1. IIRC the download version has to be installed from within windows unless you specifically modify and burn it in a certain way.

    Edit: This might be it:
  2. When bought from the microsoft store you are given the option to burn an ISO, that is what I asked my friend to do.
  3. The download site may have shown a checksum for the ISO file - if so then your friend can use a checksumming utility to verify that his downloaded file is clean. If it is, he could try burning another disc for you to try.
  4. THank, I think I will just go to a neighbors and download the file to a flashdrive, see what happens. Do you agree that it must be a bad disk as I am able to run Memtest?
  5. It seems to me that it's more likely to a bad disk - but of course that's no guarantee of anything. You could try downloading one of the free Linux distributions onto a CD to see if that disc will load - that would rule out any hardware problems related to the the drive and it's connections.
  6. I have downloaded the ISO from Digital River to a Disc. No problems. I used the Microsoft Download Tool to copy the ISO to a USB and it works great. You can download the ISO from the website to disc or USB. Just remember to change the boot priority in your BIOS. Additionally, the download will only work 2x's before it becomes an invalid product key(Officially). According to MS tech support.
  7. Its always wisw toburn an OS at 2x just to be sure.
  8. I agree with daship. Burn at slowest speed for best results.

    Also when I downloaded my ISO copy from MSDN, I was using Xp so I downloaded a freeware program called ImgBurn to make sure I done it right:
  9. I am trying to load it to a usb drive but it says there is a problem with Bootsect. I am on a 32 bit XP machine loading a 64 bit to usb. If I understand correctly I need a 32 bit bootsect, where do I find this? Can I copy it from my XP system?
  10. This issue is a bit out of my area of knowledge. I would assume from what I have read, you will have to copy the 32-bit OS first, then upgrade to the 64-bit OS. Maybe a Veteran or Moderator can assist you with this issue.

    As a side note: Today, I received an email from a Microsoft Support Team Supervisor telling me we can install the Digital Download multiple times and install for hardware upgrades and/or clean installs. Additionally, we will have to call Microsoft Support each time to validate our copy is genuine. He said they are working on a better solution to this problem. I would give $10 for a Genuine disc. Any more than that would defeat the purpose of having a student discount.
  11. You have to use the windows 7 dvd tool when burning your iso image or it will not work.

    I got the 0xc00000e9 code 10 times before I found this thread thank you thank you!
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