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Can anyone tell me if the hard disk formatting from one manufacturer's hardware IDE RAID is going to compatible with another's? I am currently using an IWILL KA-266R and have 4 hard disks as RAID 0+1 off its onboard RAID controller (AMI based). I'd like to upgrade this lackluster MB to another, but don't want to hassel with reformating the drives and moving data around--I'd just like to plug them into a new system and go, with my data still intact.

So the question is, if I get a MB with some other brand of RAID (whether onboard or using an additional card), will it recognize and properly read my AMI RAID formatted drives, or had I better buy a RAID card using the same AMI chipset?
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  1. I`m 99% sure, it won`t work (i mean just switch HDD`s form board to board). As you mentioned, you can try add. card, but with the same raid controller, witch you have now. It may work, but I had never tried it. Bad luck is that you`re using strip + mirror. Without sprip it`s another story.
    In my oppinion, you should backup your data and buy mobo with on board raid cntrl. Place HDD`s under new hardware and create new raid. I think better is not use stripping, because performance gain is around several % (if youre using 7200rpm UDMA5 IDE HDD`s) it isn`t some 20%. To replace HDD`s is very simple too.

    Good luck!
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