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Hey guys.

I got a problem on my desktop. I just moved in my new house, and got the internet to work wireless. My desktops internet bar/strength shower, shows that my connection is Poor. I was a bit pissed atm. But then i went on my laptop and check the internet connection on it. It showed as Exellent. I need help please on my desktop. The modem and router are the next door from my desktop. Please help. and tips or advies would help.!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. You are 100% sure you're connecting to your access point on the desktop correct? If you're in an apt complex or something your desktop may be on someone else's network which is a further away and causing the lower connection strength.
  2. I'm 100% sure because. I try finding other wireless networks from other peoples places. They don't show up. The only wireless network that shows it is just my own. Also sometimes i try reconnecting to my internet from disconnecting. It stops trying to connect and it disconnects. Then when i try to go to the menu place to find wireless internet. It only shows a picture with the internet bars and a slash across it. And i can't find a way to find my internet without restarting the whole computer.
  3. It could just be the location of the computers or interference since it is a wireless connection.

    I would run inSSIDer (a free app) on the laptop and move around the house to check the wireless strength and interfering sources. You may just need to change radio channels or add an AP if it is a large space.
  4. Change a radio channel?

    I don't really have windows 7. My stupid ass father waisted the code ,and i had to reformate my computer and the code/key didn't save or anything els. And my computer caught couple virus's mostly malbyes or what they're called. If i reformat my computer will it make my connection better. Is the virus making my internet connection slow?
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    Sure could be a virus or malware, you should use a good free antivirus and antimalwarebytes. I also use the hosts file to block known bad sites and avoid email or websites that may be compromised.

    No guarantee that a reformat and re-installation will fix this problem, I would try everything else first, including deleting and re-installing the wireless card driver after cleaning up the problem with viruses and whatnot -- your computer may be using its wireless connection as a bot for some illegitimate purpose. And you have not said, but if this is an OEM machine (Dell, HP, whatever) you should be able to reinstall from the OEM recovery partition, although you should make a set of recovery disks first).

    To re-install a retail version you really need to have Windows 7, at least your key, as you can legally download a trial version of the same version that you are using from

    Then you can activate it once it is fully installed with your key -- but I would be sure that I have the key first. And then you need to install all your drivers and updates - and it sounds like you need MS Security Essentials next.

    edit: and you change the radio channels in the wireless router, not in Windows.
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  7. Thank you. I will try those steps.
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