Uploading difficulty lies where: US-based server, local ISP?

I am trying to improve my backup regime by the additional use of Saas/cloud storage.

Today, I began to do this, and have found that the upload speed of my 1.5GB zipped file is 48kps; the 'meter' indicates 8+ hours to complete the upload of this file!!

The server is based in the US, while I am based in East Asia.

Where is the problem here: server based in the US? my distance? my local ISP? the choice of upload type (html5 vs flash vs html4)? the time of day?

Any suggestion on how to resolve this problem?

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  1. Could be all of those. Run a local internet speed test and see what results you get.
  2. what is your upload speed (not download speed).

    most ISP will give you lots of download but little upload.

    if I am not mistaken, you have 385Kb/s upload speed based on 48KB/s transfer
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