Hyundai Q17a OR Hercules ProphetView 920 PRO

Hi all,

I'm considering buying an LCD monitor in the coming month or so and hit a bit of a hump in deciding which panel to buy. I've come down to either the Hyundai Q17a or the Hercules ProphetView 920 Pro (the one which was just recently reviewed on THG).

The ups and downs..

1. The Q17a costs almost HALF the price of the Prophetview 920 PRO
2. The Prophetview looks WAY better in terms of design. (personal opinion)
3. The ProphetView doesn't allow for horizontal tilt adjustments.

Anyone else with an opinion? Whaddaya all think??! Which would YOU get?

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  1. Where do you have the Q17 for Half the price?? Can you ship me one.. =>

    Also remember the Q17 has a USB hub and more important Analog & Digital plugs the Hercules has either/or. Which is important only if you dont have a card with digital plug and plan on upgrading in the future.

    I think the Hercules is far to wide on the screen housing, reminds me to much of a CRT...

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  2. I beleive it was stated in the latest LCD article that the Q17a is different than the regular Q17, I think it's got analog instead of digital, and maybe some other minor changes. He's probably found it for half the price of the ProphetView because it's not the Q17 we're all looking for. Also, I don't beleive that they have a price set for the ProphetView 920 Pro DVI, the Pro on their website is the panel without a DVI output, but it's like 550 bucks.
  3. I'm in Australia, The Q17a is selling for $671 and the Q17 for $643. The Hercules ProphetView 920DVI is going for $1,240.80. I'd say that was pretty much half price (give or take a few 10s).
    Oh, and the Hercules NON-DVI version is $1,149.50.

    I just realised that the hercules isn't a PRO version.

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