Understand DHCP on linksys wrt54g

I setup a 13 client network. I have the linksys router connected to a 16port switch.

I have a question about what IP addresses I can assign to a couple. Can I assign a computer anything between and

Under the settings I have it set as:
DHCP enabled
Starting ip
Max number of dhcp clients 50

If I understand correctly I am not limited to 50 clients but rather the router will only assign up to 50 clients automatically.
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    You could change those numbers to allow it to hand out as many leases as you would like, but with a home router like that you will start running into issues very quickly if its handling more then probably 20 or 25 devices at once.
  2. The lowest you can assign is 1.2 as 1.1 is the router, the highest I would not go past 253.
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