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i want this -
my lab pc gets internet from institute isp. their ip address are registered to various science journals.
my room pc is running on a private isp connection of my own.
i plan to access my lab pc remotely from my room so that i can surf net through my institute domain so that i can get all the research papers on my room.
saw a sofware "anyplace control" can it be done with some open tools?
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  1. LogMeIn service, RealVNC

    If you have VPN setup you can use the built-in Microsoft mstsc program.
  2. it says free version dont have hhtp proxy support but our lab network is on proxy only. can it be done by microsoft remote desktop connection?
  3. You can use mstsc but the systems need to be on the same network which means a VPN connection between them.
  4. are you allowed and able to install software on the schools computer?

    do you have access to the school's firewall and proxy?
  5. @hang-the-9 no they are on different network (if u mean what i think u mean). two computers are running from different internet connections from different isp.
    @emerald- yup we can install pretty much anything. as far computer is concerned i am its administrator. access as in? we cannot change anything in the firewall setting of the institute. proxy etc has to be there. after entering proxy we enter our user id and password (provided by authorities).
  6. you should have that option to enter proxy info and account when using Logmein
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