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I went to the hercules web site to see where I can get the prophetview and the specs that they mention on their site do not match the specs given by the review on this site.

Here is the site:

Basically the differences are Hercules/Toms

Contrast: 430:1 / 500:1
Brightness: 250cd/m² / 230cd/m²
Viewing angle: H170°/V150° / H150°/V125°

Is it the same screen? Could the US one be different?
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  1. I need to know the same thing too. I am about to purchase the Herc monitor based on THG review, but I noticed a discrepency between the specs on THG and other review websites. Namely the difference in contrast which was reported to be 500:1 / 350:1, respectively (additional note: all other review sites I have read reported 350:1). Can someone please explain what is going on so I can place my order. Thanks!

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  2. It's important to divide the two Prophetview 920s from Hercules. There are two "generations"; the 1st (about a year old) the "Hercules Prophetview 920 (DVI/non-DVI)" and the new one; 2nd generation "Hercules Prophetview 920 PRO (DVI/non-DVI)". I think that the contrast ratio that you are refering to is the specs of the 1st generation.
  3. Even if the spec are different, yes, the PV 920 Pro tested and the one available on the web site are the same.

    By the way, the PV 920 Pro is now available as we said in the States with free shipping:
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