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I just bought an Asus RT-N66U router from It would arrive next week. I've been reading some negative feedbacks about this router particularly it's firmware. I just have several questions before I install the router.

1. Do I really need to upgrade the firmware?
2. I read some negative feedback by some customers who bought this router claiming that router became slow after upgrading to the newer firmware.
3. I'm not really into establishing a virtual server, ipv6 or that kind. I just want to have a much stable and fast connection on my other computers. Would I be better off with the default firmware?

I actually just want to separate the bandwidth that I use in our home. I have game consoles and laptops sharing the same connection. I hope I chose wisely in selecting this router. Your feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. not sure how good the firmware is that comes with it, but if all fails you can use DD-WRT firmware
  2. Thanks man.
  3. I just talked to one of their tech supp guys. If the router is functioning properly you don't need to upgrade the firmware
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