Benchmarking requirments?

What programs need to be closed when benchmarking?

I keep getting a 19,000 result in sisoft sandra for my
30GB WD 7200rpm udma 100 drive and standard is 24,000

Can a scsi card be used to support a drive that boots?

I have a dell 2ghz intel 850 board ,can i install raid??

What does the term raid mean? (bomb the snoozers?)

Have a better 1~!

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  1. <font color=orange>"What programs need to be closed when benchmarking?"</font color=orange>

    A typical example of these type of programs would be an Anti-Virus, like Norton.

    To temporarily shut down these programs, I'll use Win98 as an example. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del brings up the Task Manager. Highlight and End Task on all running programs except Explorer and Systray. Then run the benchmark.

    For WinXP, right-clicking and exiting all programs running in the Taskbar is a good start. MSCONFIG can be used to permanently delete or disable all unnecessary programs that are launching during the boot.


    Be sure you only disable the Startup Items you truly do not want or need. And again, for WinXP, disabling or setting certain Services to Manual can add performance.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Black Viper's Windows XP Services Configurations</A>

    <font color=orange>"I keep getting a 19,000 result in sisoft sandra for my 30GB WD 7200rpm udma 100 drive and standard is 24,000"</font color=orange>

    Have you installed the latest chipset drivers for your mainboard and operating system? <A HREF="" target="_new">Intel® Chipset Software Driver Matrix</A>. Is DMA (UDMA) enabled for the IDE controller channels in the Device Manager?

    <font color=orange>"Can a scsi card be used to support a drive that boots?"</font color=orange>

    This is an excellent website for getting up to speed on SCSI.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Gary Field's SCSI Info Central</A>

    <font color=orange>"I have a dell 2ghz intel 850 board ,can i install raid??"</font color=orange>

    Yes & no. Mostly no.

    In other words, if you purchase a RAID controller card and a second 30GB WD drive, yes. With your current setup, consisting of only one hard drive, the Intel mainboard, and a 2GHz processor, no.

    <font color=orange>"What does the term raid mean? (bomb the snoozers?)"</font color=orange>


    Um, no.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks</A>.

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  2. Thanks for the informal reply !!

    I'm going to the scsi site now in a sec

    I've being using the intel application accelerator 2.2 already,it's nice to get direct to motherboard software but i didn't notice any improvement.

    You might have an answer to this question though?
    I got this system about 2 months ago,then i bought an audigy ex card and it crashed software when directly used after about 5 - 10 minutes.
    I tried the card in the other pci slots but it constantly chased the usb route (82801 bla bla).
    I loaded the dell bios upgrade for the ex card.
    I noticed the bios was painted pink instead of brown and my question is ,is painting the bios a solution or a patch?

    Greatful for your last reply ,thanks

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  3. I got a new drive from Dell
    The maxtor caved in after 8 weeks :O

    Just for the fun of it i benchmarked the new drive
    C: windows xp
    While online,Audigy remote,Active sync -Ipaq,Norton anti-virus,Audigy Eax,Roxio disc detector,zone alarm all running in the backround while on this site
    With the WD Caviar drive i now get almost 30,000 all the time ,standard score for a ata100 drive is 24,000

    This is not worth the tablet it's written on
  4. Sorry the WD 30GB drive is the one i added to my dell setup

    I'm getting 27,000 on the 30GB western digital now instead of 19,000 on sandra siso

    This is not worth the tablet it's written on
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