Need PCIe card with Broadcom BCM57761 GigE controller


The Broadcom BCM57761 controller is a special type that has full spec support for what Broadcom calls EthernetAV. Broadcom also calls it BroadSync HD. So far, this chip is the best, most compliant controller to date.

Trouble is... No one is making any PCIe NIC cards with it yet. Some mac laptops have it built-in.

I tried searching for new motherboards, but no one seems to sort by LAN chipset.

Please help me find all products made today using the BCM57761 or BCM57765
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  1. i think no one will use this chip on a regular network card due to the additional media card reader functionality which makes the chip to expensive to use. It was designed for laptops in mind.
  2. The '61 doesn't have a memory card reader, but I see what you mean. I might have to give in and get a mac laptop.
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