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How to combine 2 ADSL lines Internet band width?

Hey Folks,

I`m going to combine 2 512 kbps ADSL line in my PC. i know that it would be much better to get a 1 MB ADSL connection...but the problem is where i live now there is not better speed than this!!!
Well i have a PC with 2 LANs - 2 phone lines - 2 ADSL modems - as far as i learned from Google , by no means it is possible to combine them to have 1 MB data rate but it is possible for example IDM would works with one 512 and another program with another 512..!! am i right?

and load balancing is the only solution for this which it needs a special routers ! it is somehow difficult for me to provide one ..!! so my question is :

1- is there any other solution for combining this 2 lines?! i heard something about TEAMING...!
2- is it possible to use load balancing by software?
3- how about the efficiency and ping time?

Your help would be appreciated friends,
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    I would use a load balancing router for the best results. There is a reasonably cheap load balancing router you could consider:

    You can use NIC aggregation (teaming) for LAN connections, but AFAIK Windows does not support this for WAN connections. Load balancing external connections with software, no not that I am aware of for consumer products.

    Perhaps you could use the connections on different machines, otherwise I would just get a single ADSL connection.
  2. Manos Crete said:
    It is possible to get all the speed from up to 4 adsl lines into 1 check this out
    i managed it!!!

    Did you not even read the post. Everyone knows about multiple wan routers even the post from 2 years ago stated to use one. Whats your point they make a router than can use 4 wan circuits. Big deal it doesn't solve his problem.

    It just means you can have 4 different things running from the same machine you can not have a single transfer using all 4. The 4 connection have different ip addresses so it is not possible.
  3. Manos Crete said:
    It is possible BILL001G. I did 4 adsl lines ONE!!!!ONE SPEED!!!!

    That is a LIE

    Please explain why 802.3ad exists if you can magically combine 4 connections with different IP into one.

    I suspect you have no clue and are either trying to make money by posting garbage.

    Please explain EXACTLY how you solve the problem of different IP addresses acting as a single session.
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