Ok here's the deal: I recently installed an ISDN line and the ISDN modem connects to my PC via the serial port. My problem is that while im browsing, downloading or playing online, suddenly all the downloading/uploading of any data freezes... There is no data transfer and i cant even go to a website. I called my ISP many times, and it isnt their problem... the ISDN modem works perfectly in other computers that i ve tried it... So im thinking... could it be the serial port of my computer? Im saying this cause in the past i had a serial mouse connected there and it was freezing all the time. What do you guys think?
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  1. Thats a rather strange config, usually the serial port is only used to change modem settings and the actual connection is made via ethernet. Anyway, since your mouse was freezing it makes perfect sense that the modem is freezing for the same reason. Sounds like there's an IRQ conflict somewhere. See if you can disable some other stuff, maybe by removing sound cards, NIC's, etc. to see if the problem goes away. Also diable unnecessary stuff in the BIOS like Parallel port, other serial port etc.

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  2. Thanks for the help man. Im trying all kinds of different settings through my bios. I hope it works. Thanks again for the idea..
  3. What model ISDN modem do you have?

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  4. It is made here in Greece and its provided by my phone company. Its called Netmod. But it looks pretty much like every external ISDN TA...

    Oh and btw... i still have problems... I really think that my serial port is busted... tried tons of things through the bios too...

    No luck... it still freezes sometimes.
  5. Wow. I checked out that box on the web. Like I said, pretty unusual to use a serial connection for something like that (although I guess since ISDN is only 2x64kb the serial ports should be able to handle it). I'm wondering if the provider can swap an ethernet version in for you? Thats what I've got (an Ascend Pipeline 75). Probably give you less headaches. Or you could probably even buy one, I saw some for $99.00 US on a Yahoo! search. Good luck.

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  6. What do you mean by saying an ethernet version???
  7. Ethernet version means a modem that connects to your PC via a network connection, typically an RJ45 UTP connection (looks like a fat RJ11 phoneline). This offers the most flexibility because you can attach it to a hub or switch and serve multiple PC's, or if they only give you 1 IP address you can get a Cable/DSL router (which would also work with ISDN). The one extra thing you need is a NIC (Network Interface Card) in your PC, these can be had for as little as $15.00 US.

    The USR modem you linked to is somewhat better due to the fact that you can hook up to it via USB (better than serial) but with that you would be unable to run more than 1 PC.

    Here's an example of an <A HREF="" target="_new">Ethernet ISDN modem</A> which also has a built in router and 4 ports. Might be overkill for you, I'm not sure. But I'm sure drooling over it :wink: . There are others out there with less functionality.

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  8. Thanks for all the useful info as i really didnt know that there were such ISDN devices available. And i really might need something like that in the future. Altho, i admit that most of what you said was new to me so i will have to make a little research. Someone also suggested me the Fritz ISDN TA for USB. I will do some research on google and ill get back to you.
  9. I have another question tho. Will an ethernet modem like the one you said give me better performance?
  10. The serial port is an antique. Anything will be better than that old mammoth. You probably won't see much difference between ethernet and USB but ethernet is much more flexible.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
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