Sillicon image SIL-3114 SATA driver ?

All i have to say is yay finally an os from microsoft that actually works well mostly...

i love windows 7 its snappy great skins nice features and i cant access 4 of my 8 drives

sillicon image dont have drivers out yet is there another ... 3rd party driver or somthing for this controller

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  1. Try the SATA driver made for Vista. MS has said that Vista drivers should work in Windows 7.
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    ^+1 the vista driver should work for Win7, if not, you might have to go into the inf file and change the windows version from 6.0 to 6.1
  3. I have the 3132 vers
    after several windows updates and reboots windows 7 now has the driver
    I didn't have to do anything
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