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I have a generic hard drive given to me by a friend (who got it online) to install on his system. It's just says AT40 GB and it's supposed to be 40 GB but the bios says it's like 2 gb on my dragon + sames thing ... I tried formating it with win98 boot disk, fdisked ect.. I't only reads as 2 gb ... the only names i can find on the drive is lucent/quantum chipsets...I am asuming the conroller is the origonal but have no way to tell. I am drawing blank .. any help would be hot!!

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  1. have u repartitioned it?
  2. yep created partation useing fdisk...

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  3. you might have to find documentation of the jumper settings. I have seen jumper settings limiting the disk capacity.
  4. YES...... I Found my copy of partition magic 7.0 and gave it a spin and It saw the drive as the right size... thanks for your help guys.. problem solved

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