Wireless speeds slow, fast in safe mode?

Hi all ive had this problem since i got my pc, basically my wireless speeds are around 0.5mb when i do a speedtest on windows, however on safe mode it will be 12mb. there's obviously some sort of conflict which i have struggled to identify.

here is what i tried

- fresh installs, although at the start the speeds are fine but once i install more drivers/programs it will do it

- installed different wireless drivers

- disabled certain processes/services

windows 7
pci express wireless adapter - TL-WR781ND
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  1. Your wireless speeds are slow, but how about when you plug your computer directly into the router? Are speeds still slow? If yes then can assume not a wireless issue.

    1. Update bios if not up to date. (carefully)

    2. Completely uninstall any virus protection other than your main one.

    3. Do a factory restore on router and redo security. (know you said speeds are fine at first but this is something that i do every time i go on a internet speed issue to be on the safe side)

    A few things you can also test to help verify issue is to test speeds at a different location and compare with someone elses speed.
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