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  1. It's called composite out (or S-VHS depending on socket on your card) you shouldn't have to connect your monitor as long as you go into the 'TwinView' settings in your display properties and enable your tv as a second monitor or 'clone' it. you'll be able to play games, just get the cable and fool around with it till you get what u want.

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  2. None of the GF3 titanium cards support Cloning or twin view

    You can only have one display at a time .(PAIN)

    I checked out the MSI GF3 ti200(vivo)which is shipped by a lot of OEM's like creative ,the titanium 3 cards just aren't made for tv out . Thats why Nvidia are minting from the GF4 Ti's

    Theres little or no work done around the tv encoder chip.
    I got fed up looking at video in and out PCI cards so i just bought the Creative AV box.

    Check out MSI's site and the amount of posts about TV out not working at all.

    If you get stuck in tv out,check out what Chip you have for the encoder ,philips or bt and you can download utils to force the chip to work.

    Sorry if i'm confusing,i hate those cards

    This is not worth the tablet it's written on
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