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Hi, this is it. I have a machine with a dual boot between Win98SE and WinXP and I need to, as usual ;), reinstall Win98SE. The problem is that if I reinstall Win98SE it will overwrite the boot sector and I won´t be able to access WinXP anymore. What would u do? What if I enable the Anti-Virus Trend Chip Away (or something like that) on the bios to avoid the boot sector overwrite? Will this work??
All ideas are appreciated.

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  1. Are you running one or two partitions? And what file systems? FAT32 or NTFS?

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  2. 10 GB Disk.
    1st partition Fat32 Win98
    2nd partition NTFS WinXP

    That´s it.
  3. In win xp, right click my computer and go to properties, then click on advanced tab, go to startup & recovery and edit the boot.ini. In notepad, copy and paste your boot.ini file to a safe place reinstall win 98 and then replace your boot.ini file in win98 with the dual boot ini that you saved. This worked for me, and i have the same type setup. Hope this helps you..JW
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