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I'm new here. I have a 91-year old senior citizen friend who lives several miles from me, and his kids just bought him a new computer with Windows 7. He was used to using the Outlook Express (?) on his old Windows XP machine, but now he doesn't have his old e-mail address book. I'm wondering if there is a way somebody could go over there and cable up his old computer to the new one and import his old e-mail address book into the new computer (dumb question, I know) some where. Right now, he is using his Verizon web-mail for e-mail, and if he had the old address book imported to the new computer, perhaps there's a way to export it to the Verizon web-mail? Thanks!
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  1. he can do it on his own if you explain it to him easly. You need to tell him to connect the old computer to the internet, backup his address book into a file which i assume is an option (i dont use outlook) then an easy way to send it to the new computer is to email the backup file to himself, and download it in the new computer after he has reconnected it to the internet...
  2. Thanks very much for this information. He lives about 30 miles from me and I'm not in physical condition to go over and help him right now. Some where I thought I had read that Windows 7 will not accept back up files like this created in Windows XP. Do you have any comment on that please?
  3. Thanks but the link you refer to doesn't seem to apply to transfers to Windows 7!
  4. As long as the original address book was in outlook 2003 it should work.
  5. How do you propose to get it from the address book on the previous Windows XP computer?
  6. You copy the PAB file from the first computer onto a flash drive, floppy, CD...etc. Then copy it onto the new computer. It's the 4 steps under 'how to copy the PAB file to a second computer.'
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