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Is it possible for Time Warner Cable to use a pre existing cable line which is going into my cable box to hook up a modem so I can have Internet? I've got a modem in another room but I don't want a cable running down my hallway for 30 feet. I've tried Ethernet bridges with limited success so that's pretty much out of the question. Is it possible? Do you know how much extra it is for an extra modem? Thanks in advance.
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    They can usually use the existing cable lines if they are sufficient quality and there aren't too many splitters in the run -- the install techs can check the signal loss in dB to the preferred connection point, assuming that they are willing to do a little more than their job minimum. I've always found the cable install guys that I've come across to be very willing to make it work well.

    If you have to connect at a location distant to the one you want to use you can either do a CAT5e run inside the walls, or use powerline adapters to get the connection to a distant computer or wireless access point.
  2. Yea I've tried a power line adapter with less than optimal performance.
  3. how about a wireless bridge?
  4. What's that? I've only tried the kind you plug into an outlet and connect via Ethernet cable
  5. a wireless repeater/range extender connects wirelessly to the main router and retransmits the signal but it also has a ethernet port.

    what model is you main router?

    how many walls are between the main router and the desired location?

    what are the walls made of? drywall, stone, concrete
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