Windows 7 11 in 1 Disc? Pirate or Geniune?

Well, i've got a Windows 7 disc from a Business and it's a windows 7 dvd and it has 11 kinds of Windows 7 to choose when installing.

Both 32 and 64 bit - Starter, Basic, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and i forgot the other one it's somekind of business OS.

Do you think it's pirate or cracked or somekind of OEM or blablabla?

When i've installed Windows 7 Professional, it doesn't require online activation and it's already activated.

I can update things like "Windows Defender".

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  1. If it didnt come with a key, im gonna assume its pirated. As far as I know Microsoft doesnt offer an 11 in 1 Windows 7 install disc.
  2. no key, just a disc.

    it looks same a this one:
  3. Original MS disks come with holographic front surface.

    If this one looks like a normal DVD, it's definitely pirate.
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    when you say you got it from a business did you buy it or did the place you work for give it to you... Most large employers have discs that they use to install a standard set of software on machines. They do not use just a normal MS disc but instead have a disc or set of discs for their installs. They pay MS for each machine they have it on. Additionally they may have some software liscensed for each employee to use at home.

    However, I do think they usually have you use some kind of key. for example with office we all used the same key (this was for 100K plus employees but we have a global liscense with MS for their software).
  5. This is a legitimate CD. There's no difference in the codebase between different editions of Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, just in the way the applications are configured.

    There are several Windows images available from Microsoft for various trial and OEM installations which are able to install any version of Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 (remember, they're more or less the same install package). Now, whether or not you have a legitimate license to go with it is another matter. If you have a Professional license and install Ultimate you will be unable to activate Windows as your key will not work
  6. That looks like a installation DVD for the MSDN subscription. They send out a DVD with a lot of programs, then you have a certain number of keys provided.
  7. Ok guys thanks for your replies.

    How i got the disc? i've borrowed the disc from a friend who is working in that business (hardware store with several PCs. I guess there are more than 30 PCs in that business.

    When i've borrowed the disc there was 3 of them and he gave me one.

    It's like a backup copy, just discs with no case.

    Neither it's Original or Pirate, i will not use it to make $$$, just for home use.

    The owner of that hardware is a Prosecutor. so i think it's original and i think he wont use pirate os on his business.

    Ok guys, nothing further to ask.

    thanks again.
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  9. Any Windows 7 install disk can be used to make a universal install disk like this one -- all it takes is removal of one file from the iso image ( ei.cfg ) and then placing the image onto a DVD. (NOTE: this will let you install any version of win 7 onto a system but you will need to have a legitimate key for that version in order to activate it - so merely makes it easier if you are installing several different versions onto several systems that have their own key - by using this method you only need one install disk instead of one for each version. )
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