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Phoenix SecureCore Bios eliminate password for ACER aspire 5735

Is there any way with a Phoenix SecureCore Bios to eliminate or reset the password for ACER aspire 5735-6694 WITHOUT removing the battery from the motherboard?
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    Sorry it's against forum rules to help with getting around a password as we have no way to verify you are the owner.
  2. Nice to know then...That I AM WASTING MY TIME. No, not the owner, trying to simply change the boot order for a friend who has no clue what he used for locking us out of this BIOS. My other machines you can change the boot order without going into the BIOS ...No big deal, I got to the CD file I needed through command prompt. Just would like to fix it as it will no doubt be trouble in the future but,,,for now....I'm good.
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