Microsoft Bluetooth Stack is dysfunctional

Hi everyone,

So I have a Kensington Bluetooth dongle, and it has been working fine with the generic Microsoft driver for the longest time until some retarded driver update software decided to mess with it (It was bundled with orbit download manager).

After the update, the Bluetooth icon disappeared from the system tray and I lost my Bluetooth connectivity. I immediately reverted it back to its original version. However, after I reverted it, the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack can no longer detect any devices.

Here is a list of symptoms:

- System tray icon is present, but when I select "Add device" it cannot detect anything
- If I try to access "Devices and Printers" from control panel, the page never loads (as soon as I unplug it, this stops happening)
- Right clicking the tray icon and selecting "Open Settings" no longer does anything

Here's what I've already done to diagnose the problem:

- I plugged the dongle onto my laptop and it works just fine with the same Microsoft generic driver
- Everything "appears" to be in perfect order in Device Manager (all up to date, no hardware / software issues detected)
- I've tried a Toshiba Bluetooth Stack, and this allowed me to detect and install Bluetooth devices. This does not solve my problem however, since the particular application I need can only use the Microsoft Stack.
- I've tried using the BluetoothDriverInstall_x64, it says everything is working fine and to exit the wizard
- I've used the System File Checker (sfc /scannow) to look for corrupt system files, nothing found

So I'm wondering what I can do to fix the issue. I can only speculate that the Microsoft Stack is corrupted, but maybe other things can cause these symptoms too? I am at a loss here and am willing to take any suggestions.

***The driver CD and the Kensington website only has useless outdated XP drivers, so please do not ask me to refer to manufacturer driver/software.
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  1. I'm having the same issue. No solution yet..

    You're not trying to use the Wiimote by any chance are you? Dolphin doesn't allow other bluetooth stacks.

    I thought my BTH was alright but after testing it with my phone it wasn't detecting that either so I've got the same thing as you.. Some other stack as destroyed the original and there's no documentation on the net as to how to reinstall it aside from checking all corrupted files (which didn't fix it)

    Any help guys?

  2. Exact same problem here, did you end up finding a solution??
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