Ad hoc network from a pc connected to the internet wirelessly?

Here is the situation:
I have a pc connected to a router through the pc's wireless adapter. I have an ipad and laptop that are out of range of the wireless router. Am I able to create an ad hoc network or something of the sort that will enable me to connect to my pc and use the internet through the pc?
If not, what about bluetooth? I have a bluetooth receiver on my pc also.

Thanks for any help or suggestions. Much appreciated
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  1. The adapter cannot do both wireless jobs simultaneously.

    Either add a second wireless adapter (easiest to add a cheap USB dongle adapter) and set up the second adapter as ad hoc and then either use ICS (internet connection sharing) or bridge the adapters, or try using ICS between the wireless and bluetooth adapters if the range is adequate for you -- it should work fine.
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