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I'm building a new system and thought this power supply priced at $74 looked worth the extra $9 Newegg charges over the PP412X 400w unit AMD recommends. It has dual thermally controlled fans and can also control your case fans. Anyone have any experience with the Antec True PSU line and does their controlling your case fans create any issues/problems that I need to know about? Antec's site info states that the PSUs have additional wires specifically for controlling the case fans but they don't specify how many.
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  1. There are two outlets for controlling fans. When you unpack the will see two that say FAN ONLY. They regulate the fans depending on the temperature inside the case. The hotter the case...the faster the fans. Great power supply. Just upgraded to it. My old power supply used to give me +12V at I'm locked at 11.98. I run four case on the hard drive...and an additional intake. Also CPU Fan. Then two exhause in addition to the fans on the PS. One hard drive...DVD, CD-RW, ATI Radeon 8500, Soundblaster Audigy, Promise Ultra 100 TX2 and additional USB ports...four total...with three full. Power supply doesn't even break a sweat.

    Good Luck with it...

  2. TruePower tries to maintain temperatures between 30-40 degrees C. Which means if you case temps are below 40 don't expect the fan speed (or any attached fans to the fan only connectors) to speed up until you go above 40.

    Also as we've noted on our site, do not connect Smart type fans to the fan only connectors. They might work, but often as not they don't.

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