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I am using the TV out function on my Leadtek WinFast GeForce 2 Pro in my home entertainment PC. It works just fine except for one problem; the picture does not fill the screen. It is too small.

I've tried the latest nVidia drivers and latest WinFast utilities but nothing allows me to "stretch" the screen. I even tried Powerstrip with the hope that it offered this luck.

Does anyone know of any utility that can help me?
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  1. Well the good folks at Leadtek got back to me in no time. Here is their response...

    "If you have a card with a Brooktree TV chipset, download TVTool, and if you
    have a card with a Chrontel TV chipset, download TVCC2000. Both of these
    utilities are available at the following website:"

    I'll let everyone know the results. Just in case anyone cares.
  2. Both programs were dissapointments for me, because they require funky settings on the video card.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  3. Well TVCC2000 is definitely capable of fixing the resizing problem but it seems to be very buggy.

    When launched it works right out of the box immediately filling my TV screen. However, I cannot launch the program when I am in TV mode, I lose the signal to my TV. I have to have a monitor hooked up then launch the program. I then select TV and I am in business.

    However, I do not have, nor do I want, a monitor hooked up to my home entertainment system. So this is a pretty serious bug for me.

    BTW, you mentioned you used both programs. Each is meant for a different chipset. Do you have both chipsets?
  4. d00d, I'm a system builder, I own multiple <i>cards</i>.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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