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First of all I am really really new to wireless networking..

What i want to do - Connect my mobile ( Sony Ericsson Neo V ) to my PC via WiFi and share my PC's internet connection with my mobile

-Option 1-

My PC doesn't have a wifi adapter so i am going to buy a one.. I want to buy a USB connected adapter. I have mentioned some links from a local shop which i am going to buy and which is the best one?

-Option 2-

I don't know even this works.. Directly connecting my mobile to wifi router.. Can i do that?

Which is the best option here?

Thanks in advance..
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  1. Yes, it will work and any of those models are fine. You will set up your wireless as ad hoc and then either bridge the wired and wireless adapters if you want to share everything (files, etc), or use ICS (internet connection sharing) to share the wired Internet access with the ad hoc network.
  2. What is the easiest and fastest way? using a usb wifi adapter or directly connecting

    mobile to a wireless router? If i go with the 2nd option can i share my internet

    connection with mobile without turning on the pc? I mean connect internet line in

    to wireless router then connect it to mobile via wifi..
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    Yes, your mobile should connect directly to your modem wireless if it has wireless radio. You would not have to have your PC on to do that.

    Here are instructions:

    You just need your router wireless security pass code to enable that feature.
  4. Thank you very much.. I am really new to wireless routers and those thank so that was a big help.. Thanks again..
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