Asus A7v266E-Win2k and Raid Setup Fiasco

Anyone out there familiar with this board help.
Two Issues:

1. Why is the voltage stuck at 1.85V in the bios with no other options. I recently upgraded from TB to Palomino XP hopping that the system will run cooler (Bios version is 1008beta- 1007 had the same issue). I even changed the 2-pin THEMCPU from default to reserved, same problem)

All I am trying to do is hook up my 2 Western Digital 30G 7200 rpm HD with raid 0 for extra performance. After setting up the Promise raid config. with the bios, FDISK and formating the HD when I proceed to load the Win2k from CD and hitting the F6 key to load the Promise Drivers. Win2k does not see the drives at all. I have tried this several times. If I use the same process but with Win 98 or Me the raid setup goes fine without a hitch. I want to install Win2k at all costs. Both HD are set as Master, each with its own cable. As far as the drives are concerned they are both physically and mentally fit,according to the OEM Data lifeguard software + they both work well with WinMe

Athlon XP1800+, two WD 30G 7200rpm, Micron 2X256mb 2100PC ,Turtle Beach SC, ATI Al in Wonder GB,IomegaZipCD, Pioneer 16X DVD.
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  1. #1 Manualy jumper the board for the lowest vcore setting and then you will have control of the settings in BIOS.

    #2 Copy the drivers from you Asus CD for the Promise raid (Win2k drivers) to a floppy. after using f6 use the drivers
    on the floppy and it should work fine. It did for me.

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  2. THanks a lot. It works just as you said. I am up and running but a bit dissapointed by the Benchmarks....Could this be because its NTFS and not Fat 32.
  3. NTFS is slower at times, so could cause lower HD benchmarks scores. If your primary use is games, it's recommended to stay Fat32.
  4. Give us your benchmarks and which ones you have run.

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  5. Well I had run sandra and I was getting around 26000 which is low in my opinion. Finally I installed Win XP, and converted my partions to FAT 32, and now I am averaging around 34000, considering the HD I have I think I can leave with that. Thanks guys for all your help

    ASUS A7v266-E, 1008(beta) Bios,
    AMD 1800XP (locked),
    Antec Workstation SX830 System Cabinet ATX
    4 X 80mm case fans (front in, back out), PCI slot "fan card", 2X Hard Drive fans
    Comp USA 500Watts Power supply with dual fans
    Compaq MV940 21’ Monitor
    Win XP Home Ed, Two WD Caviar 30GB 7200 RPM in Raid0,
    IBM 75GXP 20GB 7200rpm-DTLA-307020 (Linux and Win2K),
    32 MB DDR-ATI All In Wonder Radeon ,
    2X256MB DDR 2100PC Micron,
    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Sound Card,
    Altec Lansing AVS500 5-piece system,
    Vantec CCK-6035D, 6800RPM Fan, 37.6 CFM, 46.2 dBA (train)
    Iomega 12X4X32 ZipCD, Pioneer 16X DVD, Iomega Zip100
    Linksys NC100 Fast Ethernet Adapter
    Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouseExplorer
    Lexmark Z53 USB-DeskJet Printer, HP Keyboad (Cheap)
  6. For hard drive bench testing sandra sucks.

    It's not what they tell you, its what they don't tell you!
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