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Audio Networking Help

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April 3, 2005 10:37:50 AM

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Audio Networking Help


i work at a pub in melbourne australia,
we have three seperate rooms at the pub, each with their own stage.

the pub is open from 11am, and bands start around 9:30pm.

between 11am and 9:30pm, we play the radio or cds though each room's PA
while people are drinking during the day.

only problem is, we have to burn new compilation cds all the time, it
gets pretty time consuming. and music tends to be repeated.

we would like to set up a computer upstairs in the office that controls
three seperate audio streams sent to each of the pub's rooms desks.
whether we hard wire or do it wirelessly, i dont know.

but we would like to be able to control playlists of mp3s.... say a
reggae band was playing in room A, we'd like to randomly play reggae
tunes. if a rock band in room B, we;d randomly play rock simultaneuosly.
likewise with room C.

I suppose getting a 6 or 8 out soundcard would be the best solution, but
we have very little experience with audio hardware.

software would obviously be the most important element, so sugestions in
this feild would also be appreciated.

I look forward to your replies...


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April 3, 2005 3:08:23 PM

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In <2bM3e.22235$>, on 04/03/05
at 06:37 AM, slugman <> said:

>Audio Networking Help


>i work at a pub in melbourne australia,

If you want a professional level solution look at the RANE products.

Checkout for a consumer level solution that would do
everything you need in an off the shelf package. You would need three
zone players and one or more controllers. Strictly speaking, you
wouldn't need any controllers if you have and Mac or W2000+ computers
on a network available to the SONOS players. One player must be
connected to your a computer network. Assuming they are within wireless
range, the others will fend for themselves.

If you already have MP3's on a networked computer, just point the SONOS
to that directory (folder), assemble your play lists, and you are done.
A more convenient solution is to use a NAS (Network Attached Storage)
device (a file server) to store your music. This will separate your
music and computer so that the computer can crash when it wants to and
the show will continue. (Otherwise, I suggest you install an electric
sign above each stage -- "Please stand by while our [fill in the
manufacturer's name] system reboots")

While the whole concept is new to you, the SONOS is docile. After you
do what it takes to connect the usual audio stuff to install the SONOS
hardware, it should take less than 15 minutes to install all the
software and get the network going. (Basically it's an appliance, you
just plug it together, press a couple buttons and the SONOS will figure
things out.)

If you have a professional level sound system, and you should, treat
the SONOS as you would any consumer level device -- use an isolation

The players are not very large. If you purchase an extra player, you
can use it as a spare or as a "flying" player to carry into a room
(again assuming you are within wireless range), connect a pair of
speakers, and deal with sudden special functions.

Unfortunately, SONOS is not being distributed in your country.

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