Wireless on laptop works on one connection and not another - help?

I consider myself pretty tech savvy. I have scoured the forums and tried many suggestions about this stupid connection. It pretty much just stopped working one day. I have reset my router completely. I have tried the netsh commands. I have tried using different dns ip addresses. I have released and renewed ipconfig. I have reset both my cable modem and my wireless router. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the wireless drivers and made sure they were up to date. None of these things worked.

Here is the story. My laptop will not connect to the internet even though it says it is connected and shows the SSID when you hover over the wireless on the bottom. I have an iPad, iPhone, and another laptop connected to this exact wireless connection. The laptop that does not connect (the one i am having problems with) recently connected to another home wireless network this past weekend in another house so it is not the card in the laptop. It seems to be settings in this particular laptop with just this wireless connection as the wired connection using the same router works just fine. It DOES NOT time out when I ping websites in the command prompt. I get returned values. I have tried several browsers and none of them work. It will not connect to AIM either. I hope these details might give someone some insight here. I have spent many hours trying to figure out what the hell has changed and why this connection won't work. I really need this connection for work. Can someone please help? I am going nuts trying to figure out why! Thank you in advance.

PS - Running Windows 7 with a Netgear Wireless G router - WPA security
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  1. No one?
  2. I have the same problem! Other laptops in the house work on this connection and my phone, and its not the laptop cos it works on another connection in another house, just get the yellow prompt over the wireless thing in the corner!
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