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hey guys, i just recently built a new computer (well today) and i plugged in a wirless usb adaptor that was about 2 years old and it was pretty fast but it still lagged my game starcraft (i was just trying it out to see how the computer would handle it). I went out and bought a brand new xtreme N desktop PCI adapter and it is even slower, and it disconnects every 5 seconds it seems. I installed it correctly and installed all the drivers, I also have rebooted the computer and it is still slow and wont even connect for a full youtube video. am i doing something wrong or is my adapter the problem (i am doing this on my laptop which is right beside my computer and is still connected to the internet).

-i cannot wire my computer to my router because it is to far away so that isn't a solution.

anyone that can help me would be a great help. Thanks
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  1. What kind of router are you using?
  2. If your wifi card is installed correctly, which I imagine it is, the only thing I can think of is maybe the distance from the router is too far or there are obsticles blocking the signal. When you are in a situation where signal strength is limited the smallest things could be critical. Even the fact that your antennas are behind your pc under your desk. Things like thick walls, mirrors and metal are capable of blocking wireless signals, also wireless phones could cause interference.

    What kind of signal are you getting with the PCI card (when it's connected)?

    If the distance is too big between your router and pc you could always install a wireless extender to bridge the gap.
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