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Hello, I would like to know what's the ADSL Prices, Max Up/Down speed (for home users) in the USA,Canada & UK or wherever and whether it's annual/semi annual/monthly contract. Just for curious to know and thanks anyway.
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  1. you can check out AT&T's Uverse pricing or Verizon's Fios pricing on their respective websites.
  2. There are probably 400 or so regional and national DSL providers if not more between those areas, if you count your "wherever" as the rest of the planet and you need to check on them each to get prices. Start web searching.
  3. I just want an average of both prices and speeds, that's it. For eg you could say how much do you pay and for what speed. I googled both AT&T Verizon but couldn't find.

    According to DSL reports, it stated prices but for 2010 only.
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