How to connect my Website on virtual machine to the internet

Good day,

I have created a virtual server that hosts a ticketing website on it, locally i can access the website when i input my private ip .

Now i want to make it accessible to the agents outside my company , i have change my private ip to a public one, but the problem is still there,i cant connect . i disabled the firewall , just so i would be sure its aint a F.W problem and still , not working .

Anyone can give me a headsup on this issue?

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  1. Is the vm behind a router of some sort? Hard to do more then guess with the info given, but if your machine is behind a router you will need to forward the proper ports to the internal address of the vm. When you say you changed the private ip to a public one, you did this within the vm?

    What type of connection is the server running the vm using to provide network access?
  2. yeah man vm is behind a buffolo router, and theres no port forwarding option inside the router
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