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I have a T230. I often put the phone somewhere, e.g. on a table, and
leave it there until the next time I want to use it. The problem is
that I can't take a quick glance at it to determine if there are any
new messages or if I have a missed call; I have to pick it up and
press a key to turn off the screen saver first.

I'd like to either disable the screen saver entirely or to have a
screen saver which deactivates itself when there are new messages or
missed calls. My old phone (a T39m) worked fine in that respect.

Any ideas on what to do? There doesn't seem to be a way for me to make
the screen saver behave like I want it to, so I suppose I have to get
another phone. I'm unsure of whether all Sony Ericsson models are
equipped with screen savers which behave similarly to the T230's.

Peter Haglund
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.cellular.ericsson (More info?)

    Seems to be a bug in the phone software that the programmers left out. I
    have gotten hold of Sony Ericsson and asked what can be done they said
    it is the way its set up and nothing can be done. I hate it too, that
    and no voice dial are the only two bugbears I have with the phone

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