STEPS to install windows 7

Got a question do I install windows 7 before these installs

Drivers (note: Ignore Windows Update driver updates until you are finished with all the ones I listed here), install the drivers in the order listed here.:

Intel INF (tells Windows information about the system), choose the top option:

Intel Rapid Storage, choose the top option for English only (if that's your language), otherwise choose the bottom option for multi-language:

Nvidia Graphics Driver:

Realtek LAN (network), download the one 5 down from the top that says, "Win7 and WinServer 2008 R2 Auto Installation Program (SID:1489506)":

Realtek Sound Driver, choose the one 2nd from the top that says "64bits Vista, Windows7 Driver only (Executable file)":

Asmedia SATA3 driver:

Then finally, I just want to make sure that your Crucial M4 SSD drive has the latest firmware version since it fixes a critical bug, the simplest way to update is through the new Crucial Windows update tool.

Download the following file:

And follow the following guide, remember to read it twice:
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  1. the list you posted an mostly windows drivers for the mother board and video card you cant install them before you put windows on your ssd. the only way to update the ssd would be to plug it into another pc right now and run the windows update from the other pc. if it in your rig and you dont want to pull it just install windows and do the update. the update may or may not wipe the ssd and you have to reinstall windows again. other than that once windows boots and the ssd update is done you want to install the intel drivers first then reboot. then you can install the video and sound and network drivers.
  2. Hi :)

    PUT in the 7 disc and install...

    ALL OTHER DRIVERS ETC afterwards...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Thank you I having a problem with my gtx 570 it no showing on my direct x diagnostic tool
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