Is saving CS5 worth losing all of my other plug ins and programs to Win7 64?

I installed Win 7 into the new build... It has changed the look and functionality of all my programs and here is the big problem. Since I just built this new system (*as many of you know), only to find out that I have lost well over half of my plugins because 1) they are not 64 bit compatible, and 2) many are old but very cool, and cannot be upgraded! But cost me a lot of money!!! And Win 7 is Horrible! Why so many like it is beyond me! It is too geegaw-ish and looks like the bastard love child of AOL, MSN and Yahoo combined! I thought it would be a clean and elegant interface.... Wrong!

So is it worth going back to XP Pro 32, and losing CS5 or can CS5 work to some lesser degree in this XP version? I have a real dilemma here. Advice and help is really needed.

Oh I still have a fully functional CS2 that I have lived with quite nicely. Unless there is some way to change the look of the folders back to a nice relaxing XP look, and make all my programs look and act like they did in XP mode. Anyone have that answer? I already set up how the folder open in their own window, hot they load in the task bar, and how my search engine looks using xp appearance. But the folders and the programs that aren't functional is a BIG issue.

Other program, Vue 7 Pro. Not yet thinking of updating until i can test it on the more powerful system.

Old system specs
Optiplex GX 745
Xp Pro 32
Core 2 Duo
4 GBs ram
GTX 210 nVidia GPU
301watts PSU
a standard dell motherboard

compared to new system if i load XP Pro 32
Large Mid tower 6 fans
i5 2500k cpu
16 GBs ram
nVidia GTX 560 GPU
EVGA Z68 motherboard
Corsair 800watts PSU


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  1. What version of Win7 x64 ?? -- Have you tried running the program in compatibility mode ? If you have Win 7 Pro, Enterprise, or Ultimate you can download XP mode and run the programs under a virtual machine - SEE HERE for more info on XP mode
  2. Win 7 Pro, and no I have not tried that. I am still trying to feel at ease with all of my valuable files and folders being hijacked, changed and disappearing!!! :(

    All I want returned is my folder abilities and views. This is so foreign and I honestly think I have LOTS of my art and folders missing! Plus my programs and plug ins gone just not even visible! Some cost $200.00!!!

    But I will go there to the links you posted and download those to a disk. I am actually on my old computer right now rather then be on my new one.... that's how much I do not like win7. :(

    Thank you for this help I will update the thread and let you know if this helped.

  3. I like the XP option a lot. I am going to re-install windows fresh, add XP mode and Virtual PC... after that I will install my programs. I have one question. Can I run XP mode only and have it load automatically instead of using it selectively??? If so do I install it differently???

    I am watching the videos.

    Thank you!

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