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My Laptop freezes a few minutes after start-up


so here's the full story. A few months ago my Laptop went freezing from times to times, for a few minutes and then un-freeze, to freeze again a few minutes later. So wondering what to do, I formatted my laptop to solve that problem. Sadly it didn't worked.

Having work to do i was forced to run my PC on Safe Mode for a couple of month. After a while I decided to go ''legit', again and I realized that my PC froze a few minutes after start-up but after a couple of hours, it would run smoothly for days. So the past few months my PC was running smoothly,... until recently, but now, it's worst than ever.

It freezes a few minutes after start-up... and even if I keep it on for days, I still can't do a thing, it un-freeze for like 2 seconds sometimes, then just to freeze again. It's driving me crazy. I'm planning to buy a new PC but I'm stuck with this one for a little while now, might as well try to do something with it. I don't think this is a problem of program or anything like this since even after I formatted it, I still had the same problem. Is my laptop just dead? (I'm on safe-mode right now).

So here's my specs-

Toshiba Laptop
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core TK-57 1.90ghz
Ram: 3 Gb
System : Windows 7 home premium 32 bit

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    Hi :)

    Those symptoms are usually a hard drive failing...

    Run a full hard drive test in DOS...HIRENS CD etc....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Yeah, they definitely not consistent with simple overheating (dust accumulated in the vents), because that would also present itself in safe mode under load. No freeze in safe mode *at all*, is that right?

    Random crashes could also indicate memory failure. If you have two memory modules, you can get out one (3 = 2 + 1?) and see if the problem persists. But that's not even necessary if they pass the memtest86+ test. It's available for download as bootable cd/usb at
  3. I only had to do an error checking of the Hard-Drive! Problem Solved! :D (I'm so relieved..)
  4. Pacoluccio said:
    I only had to do an error checking of the Hard-Drive! Problem Solved! :D (I'm so relieved..)

    Hi :)

    Umm if you mean you ran scandisk and it cured it...thats a TEMPORARY FIX...

    Run the full test in DOS from your hd is probably still terminal...

    All the best Brett :)
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