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Hi. i am wondering if i can replace exploler.exe into transparent theme. i have tried everything, customising msstyle, downloading windows 8 7282 build pack and downloaded it spending 8 hours and what i only found is full glass theme which was very bad quality and i did not like it because it uses wierd scroll bars and has a too high contrast and also the start menu looks s**t because of the blue writing and fully transparent without the blur. i also had to do a system restore because of the exploler.exe did not work!!!!! :fou: . Does anyone have something like the full glass theme but looks better?
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  1. try to find the themes on this website does bootskins, theme, wallpaper, art,photographs and so on.
  2. yeah i looked there aswell
  3. While I am not their largest fan, have you looked into windowblindz? They are kinda the one-stop place for alternate windows skins. I use to use them all the time back in the dark and ugly days of XP, but after moving to win7 I just select the color to white, and turn the opacity nearly to the bottom (almost completely transparant). Then in the advanced settings I turn the font headers to as small as possible while still being ledgable. It makes windows very "out of the way" so that I can focus on what I am doing.
  4. installing windowblindz or programs that can change your windows they way you like it.

    try this website:
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