Making my network CCTV work around the world.

I bought a 4 camera CCTV system some months back. By connecting it to the network I was able to view the cameras around the house. But I was hoping to be able to use some mobile apps to actually view the feeds from anywhere in the country. How can I go about doing this? So I just type in an IP and voila, all 4 cameras. Witha password of course!
Is it easy? Costly? Or impossible?
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  1. assign a static IP to your camera DVR

    set up DDNS on your camera DVR

    then port forward the necessary ports on your main router to the IP of camera DVR
  2. Yes, it is certainly possible.

    There's a mix of paid and free software for the application you require. I have no solution which could be considered the best but I found these on google:

    NOTE: I haven't really looking into them so the free ones might not be too secure and open to the public so be weary of that. The paid one looks quite good but kinda pricey and there's prob a good free alternative out there.


    iSpy is probably the world's most feature-rich surveillance software. (from site)
    List of several

    Personally I like the looks of iSpy and its free, I would give that a go if it meets your requirements.
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