Head Phones Dont work

Ok, I can't seem to get my head phones to work out of my dvd or cd drive. They work great plugged into the back of the sound card, but the wire is to short to do that comfortably. I have the cusl2 board a plex cd and lite on16 dvd. Any clue?
I have a audigy sc
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  1. your headphones will only work on ur cd rom drive if u are listening to a cd/dvd. Also, make sure that you have your sound card connected to your cd-rom drive.
  2. ok, so when guys are talking about playing games with head phones, they have it plugged in back.
  3. yep, but here's the great news-) you can get a 6' or 15' extention at radio shack for 10 bucks or less=) that'll solve your cord length problem very nicely.

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