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Do you like horror movie?Which horror movie do you like best?
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  1. Horror Fan!
    The Exorcist! The best horror ever made :)
  2. Agreed on The Exorcist. With The Thing coming in a close second. Followed by Audition. Hell, I could list a hundred other horror movies that I consider favorites, but I won't waste your time.
  3. I hate horror movies, per se, and can't figure out why people go to most of them. However, that said, I recently saw Sweeney Todd again, and can't figure out why horror fans don't go to movies like that, which are horrific but are also high quality.
  4. Oh yeah I like horror movies:

    here is my favorites :

    The Exorcist

    The Shining


    The Sixth Sense

    The Silence of The Lambs

  5. yes I like it

    Freddy Krueger
    the others
  6. pairs Hilton's movie home of wax:)
  7. Davidwilson said:
    pairs Hilton's movie home of wax:)

    It's called 'House of Wax'
  8. Phantasm - all four of them

  9. Paranormal activity is my favorite horror movie.
  10. The Ring is best horror movie ever.
  11. Drag me to Hell.

    this is very good suspense and horror movie. I like it very much.
  12. Hi Ruby

    I have seen this movie twice last month, this is really a good movie. The end of the movie is very painful.
  13. I like Wrong turn 2
  14. Howardhobbs said:
    I like Wrong turn 2

    Yeh, I saw this movie, i like it very much.
  15. I like Drag Me to Hell as in the best horror movies, it keeps the audience on the edge of hysteria throughout, so that every thump sets the heart racing and every joke earns a slightly out-of-control laugh.
  16. Yesterday I watched Sorority Row, it was very nice suspense movie. Josh Stolberg is good writer and always writes quality movies. The character of Briana Evigan was amazing
  17. I really love horror movies it’s very thrilling to watch and my all time favorite movie is The ‘Evil Dead’ it’s a fantastic one.
  18. Yes, I am interest in horror movies and I used to watch horror movies at my leisure time and “house of wax” was my favourite horror movie and i really enjoyed the excitements of this movie.
  19. Most of horror movies are really entertaining. The older ones, Halloween, Friday the 13th and Evil Dead are some of my picks, though horror is not my favorite genre.
  20. My favourite horror movies are
    1) Psycho

    2) Rosemary's Baby

    3) Don't Look Now

    4) The Wicker Man

    5) The Shining
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