Start up blue screen windows 7 please help.

hi all i just work on ma pc by win 7 installed but suddenly blue screen came and i restarted.till that time im trying to turn on ma pc but in start up blue screen shows up and restart automatically.i try in safe mode pc comes up without any problem.note: I have win xp too please help this is my dmp file
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  1. I didn't analyze your dump file, but did you run memtest86 for several passes to verify the memory? I already know that you have a Q9550, but what other components do you have?
  2. yeah memtest i done buddy but no problem found.i think its not depend on hardware please analyze ma dmp
  3. I can't because I don't have everything required to do it for Win 7. What was the error? Did you check Event Viewer?

    Edit: Does it also crash when running XP?
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