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Hello. I just received my Linksys WRT54GL Wireless Broadband Router from Newegg and I'm trying to figure out how to configure the QoS properly. I want to limit the 4th port on the router to have a specific amount of download and upload but I can't seem to understand it since this is the first 3rd party router I've purchased.

Can someone help me? :O
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  1. Bumping D:
  2. Doesn't look like you can quite do that from this screenshot. You could give ftp downloads a lower priority by putting FTP in the application name field, assigning priority low, and putting 20 in the port field, but this will affect all devices. And qos just prioritizes traffic, if you're trying to cap all traffic at say 100 kbps you'd probably want to do it from the end device, as routers like to go faster, not slower.

    Not familiar with this router in particular, but if possible you may want to disable gigabit and fastethernet, leaving you with a scant 10 mbps on that port (about 1.2MB) but you're probably trying to cap even lower than this.
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