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i have a dlink router DIR-601..when i first used it it worked well net speed was fast even if i use it for wifi..then one day i noticed my net speed became i tried directly connecting my modem to my pc..speed came back to normal i used the router again it slowed down..back then it was ok even if 3 devices used the wifi but now even 1 greatly slows it down..i just checked my networked connection and the internal gateway and it says i only recieve 10mbps of the 100mbps..i cant even play well, loading 1 page takes forever :heink: there anyway to prioritize the internet speed to my computer?i didnt change any settings it just happened order to play well its either i dont use the router or wait for them to stop using the wifi :pfff:
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  1. Sounds like your wired network adapter isn't auto negotiating the link speed properly (or perhaps it is set to only run at 10Mbps). Go into the device manager and change the Link Speed and Duplex setting in the Advanced tab of your network adapter to 100Mbps Full Duplex.
  2. cant really find those settings..its my first router so im not that knowledgable about it

    this is my advance tab options :D

    edit: resetting the router didn't work
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