Why my laptop takes shutdown the time i connect to internet

my laptops takes a shut down after few minutes i connect to internet...the time it takes to shutdown varies...but it does...what could be the possible reasons for it and whats its solution.
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  1. Do you know if you may have downloaded a virus somehow? Do you have the latest updates for Windows? Have you installed a new piece of hardware (i.e. webcam)? How long has this being going on? Try going into safe mode with networking and download the most current drivers if you need them. See if that helps.
  2. Could possibly be a power supply issue, too.
  3. To see if it's hardware or software, you can always run a Linux live CD, such as Ubuntu:


    Download it, and burn it to CD on another system. Then just boot off the CD, generally you hit F12 to access the Boot Menu. If the issue is still present while running off the CD, then it's hardware. If it doesn't shut down after a few minutes, then it's software. The good news is you can use the Ubuntu CD as a way to backup your files.
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